1. Any alley, or group of no less than five (5) persons, of which all persons are current members of the association, may bid on hosting a convention for the MACA. Bids for the convention for the upcoming year will be presented to the membership at the yearly membership meeting held during the annual convention. The membership will vote for the bid of their choice. The majority will rule.

2. A contract between the hosting Alley/group with the chosen bid and the MACA President is to be signed before the closing of this convention. MACA has no financial responsibility to the Alley/group hosting the said convention. A report on the upcoming convention is to be presented to the officers at the next mid-year officers meeting by a MACA member of the hosting Alley/group. A fee, established by the officers prior to signing the convention contract, shall be paid to the MACA treasury. The fee will be per person per full registration. This registration fee shall be sent to the Secretary, to be forwarded to the Treasurer, within one month following the Convention.

3. To compete a person must have a paid-up FULL REGISTRATION at the convention and must register for each competition before the deadline established by the hosting Alley. Each Clown must be a member in good standing of the Mid Atlantic Clown Association to enter competitions.

4. Competition numbers will be given out just prior to competition and must be displayed on the clown's outfit in plain sight of the Judges.

5. No clown, dressed and ready for competition, will be seen by the Judges until his/her number is called to appear for judging.

6. There will be a Master of Ceremony for the Make-up Competition. All clowns will do as he/she tells them. Each clown will stand quietly before the Judges, until his/her number is called, turning as he/she is told. The contestants will leave the stage area as soon as the MC instructs them. There will be NO CLOWNING during make-up competition. Anyone doing so will lose five (5) points per judge from his/her score.

7. No clown may carry, push, or drag any object not sewn to his/her outfit, excluding character clown. All identifying patches are to be covered whenever possible.

8. All make-up must be self-applied for Competition.

9. Clowns must compete in their respective Category. Any questions as to the correct category will be addressed prior to competition by the hosting Alley's competition committee. Clowns may compete only in one make-up category.

10. After two (2) consecutive first place wins in any one category of make-up, the winner will not be permitted to enter this said category for the next two (2) MACA conventions. They may enter any other category of make-up competition.

11. No one may speak to the Judges during competition except those in charge or a member of the hosting committee, with permission.

12. You may not use the audience, or any member of such, during Skit competition. Remember that this is a competition of YOUR talents, not the audience. Failure to heed this will result in disqualification. Audience response is allowed, but, not actual participation with the clown.

13. Each clown is limited to presenting one single skit and participating in two group skits at each convention's skit competition.

14. The hosting committee will provide a stage crew to help the clowns with their set-up and take-down of their props. Clowns will be responsible for their own props and will be allowed one (1) minute set-up, and one (1) minute take-down, and four (4) minutes performance. Skit competition will be allowed four (4) minutes performance time. Each skit in both categories will lose five (5) points per Judge per minute for any time used over the allotted four (4) minute's performance time.

15. Any injury to audience or judges will result in immediate withdrawal of any skit from competition.

16. It is the responsibility of the hosting Alley to maintain accurate records of competition names and corresponding competition numbers and to secure the following people to count the ballots for all competitions;

    a. The Alley's (MC) or competition director.
    b. MACA member in good standing who was not a judge or hosting alley member.
    c. Member Hosting Alley

17. The hosting Alley will be responsible for the following trophies for competition:

    1st 2nd and 3rd places in Whiteface Make-up;
    1st 2nd and 3rd places in Auguste Make-up;
    1st 2nd and 3rd places in Character/Hobo Make-up
    1st 2nd and 3rd places in Single Skit;
    1st 2nd and 3rd places in Group Skit ( 3 of each);
    1st 2nd and 3rd places in Single Balloon;
    1st 2nd and 3rd places in Multiple Balloon

18. The above competitions, as required by MACA, are to be used at every Convention. However, the host alley is permitted to include additional competition categories.

19. Judges for all MACA competitions will be chosen using the MACA "Requirements of MACA Judges"

20. MACA Rules regarding balloon competition:

   A. Description:
        Contestant may enter either or both of the following categories:
        (1) Single Balloon or (2) Multiple Balloon.  The single balloon may be any size. The multiple          balloons are a mixture of any combination of  balloons with no other materials being used.

   B. Eligibility:
       Contestant must be a member in good standing of MACA and have paid full registration.

   C. Judging Criteria:
      (1) Contestants may submit one (and only one) entry in each of the following categories: Single Balloon/Multiple Balloons.
      (2) Contestants must furnish his/her own balloon.
      (3) The time limit for this competition will be 15 minutes for single balloon and 30 minutes for multiple balloons.
      (4) Balloons may NOT be inflated before starting time.
     (5) Balloons will be inflated by mouth or pump by contestant only.
     (6) No artwork on balloons will be judged. The name of the sculpture may be written on the card provided in order to aid judges. Sculpture should stand on its own merit.
     (7) Numbers will be assigned to each contestant.
     (8) If any balloon leaks or breaks before judging has started or during judging, that balloon will be judged as is.
     (9) Judges will NOT be present during the sculpting, only after all entries have been completed.
     (10) Spectators may watch the balloon competition but must not talk to or in any way interfere with the contestants.
     (11) At no time will ANYONE other than a judge or the contestant touch any balloon entry.