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Willie From Philly Scholarship Application

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

1.       Your name and clown name, address and contact phone number.


2.       How long have you been a clown?


3.       What kind of clowning do you do? (hospital clown, caring clown, party clown etc.)

4.       What is your favorite thing about being a clown?

5.       How are you hoping to expand your clown experience?

6.       Are there any special skills you would like to learn?



7.       Do you belong to an alley? if so, which one

8.       Do you have a mentor?

9.       Do you belong to any other clown organizations? If so, which one(s)

10.   Are you a M.A.C.A. member? If so, Please enter your number.


Please submit your completed application to the MACA Scholarship Committee at least two weeks before the convention be eligible for the scholarship.  You must have submitted your registration and fee for the full convention.
Also, membership in the Mid-Atlantic Clown Association is a requirement and will be confirmed before the scholarship is awarded. 
2019—Pat Stevenson 3419 Northwind Road Baltimore MD  21234 or pat_stevenson@verizon.net






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