Scott Correll

Scott is an award winning comedy magician. He has been creating magic props and routines that have been given rave reviews by his peers. And who says you can�t teach an old dog new tricks, Scott has created two of the bestselling magic effects in 2012 and 2013.
See some of the funniest ideas using homemade props and other magic tricks that perhaps you already own. See how easy it is to create new ideas for old and new Props.
Don�t miss out on Scott Puppet Lecture. Whether you are a beginner or a pro he will show you many new ideas and tricks with puppets. Bring your favorite puppet with you! If you are new we will have plen-ty of puppets for you to try out and adopt. YOU WILL BELIEVE that your puppet has come to life. Learn to animate them in a way that makes them come alive. You will also get a small taste of ventriloquism.